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Legal action against Bitcoin.com

A group of over 900 individuals and businesses is pursuing a class action lawsuit against Bitcoin.com.

Bitcoin.com is a private enterprise and is often confused as being the official website by newcomers wishing to purchase bitcoin. Whereas www.bitcoin.org was the web URL address registered by Satoshi Nakomoto and promotes the education of bitcoin; the url address bitcoin.com was registered by individuals not endorsed by Satoshi Nakomoto.

Bitcoin.com is being sued for fraudulent businesses practices as it is promoting Bitcoin Cash (a bitcoin hardfork) as the original Bitcoin through ‘deceptive’ marketing. Though the trading symbols were labelled in parynthesis, bitcoin.com wallets were referring to Bitcoin Cash as ‘Bitcoin’ and the original Bitcoin appeared next and labelled as ‘Bitcoin Core’.

The argument is that purchasers would be deceived intop buying Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin itself.

CoinCompass has continuously steered its clients away from Bitcoin.com.

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