CoinCompass is an educational consultancy service providing guidance to individuals, businesses and institutional investors to confidently purchase bitcoin and cryptocurrencies using industry best practices. As well as buying and keeping your bitcoins safe, we assist with setting up cryptocurrency point of sale, timely alerts relating to the Bitcoin Blockchain, and the most up to date methodology of keeping private keys secure.

We are consultants, educators, researchers, miners, traders, investors, volunteers and Bitcoin nerds. 

Bitcoin and the Blockchain is a new technological force that is revolutionising not just the financial world but several other industries as well. However understanding Bitcoin is like trying to understand the intricacies of the internet in 1989 so it’s very difficult for people to competently invest in Bitcoin.

As with most technological revolutions they are unappreciated by the layperson until they become imbedded in everyday culture. The early adopters of Bitcoin were very tech savvy and could foresee the digital and financial potential it offered.

The difference between Bitcoin and the internet is that one could not invest directly in the internet. You could buy shares of companies that were internet based but not a piece of the internet itself; but when you buy bitcoin you own a piece of the blockchain itself and as bitcoin transactions have grown the price of bitcoin has appreciated. Yet for a  ‘non-tech’ layperson trying to understand what Bitcoin and the Blockchain are is difficult enough much less knowing how to safely invest in it.

Thus came the birth of CoinCompass.

A business that explains Bitcoin and the Blockchain simply and succinctly as well as personally educating individuals how to safely purchase cryptocurrencies.

CoinCompass was founded by Gordon (M.C.S. & M.Ed.) and Faris (M.I.C.D). Gordon’s professional history was in IT while Faris’ was in economic development. Over their 20 year friendship the two had sought to work together but never found an industry that complemented their respective skills…until Bitcoin

Gordon and Faris have both worked as educators in universities and CoinCompass was created to provide the instructions for people to safely invest in bitcoin.

Whether you’re an individual, a small or large business, CoinCompass helps you set up your Bitcoin Wallet, point of sale, and Cold Storage facilities so that your investment is safe and sound. Bitcoin is the only currency to never be counterfeit but through human error you can easily lose them.

Gordon, a self-proclaimed geek who lives and breathes everything technology has had a lucrative 15 year career in IT. His interest in the field was developed at an early age when at 15 he started an internship with IBM. Since then Gordon has worked for renewed corporation computing, retail and gaming development as well as for the National Australia Bank.
With a Bachelor of Computer Science, Master of Information Technology (Professional Computing), Master of Education (International Teaching) and various industry qualifications have given Gordon foundational knowledge to apply best practices to any activity. Ever since learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in late 2011, he’s been a miner, consultant, educator, trader, investor and coding contributor to several charity, trading bot and blockchain open-source projects. As a former IT Director of an international school in Asia, he developed and taught what is possibly Asia’s first blockchain development course to computer science students in 2014.

Faris is a foreign exchange, derivates and cryptocurrency trader. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Security Studies and a Master’s Degree in International Development from Deakin University Melbourne. He is trilingual, a former lecturer in International Relations and Political Economics and interned for President Jimmy Carter’s Centre for Peace and Development.
Faris was an avid investor from the age of 23 having traded in the Australian Stock Market, gold bullion and as Director of a Family Trust accumulated a multiple-property portfolio across Australia. After a more than 10 year career in International Relations and Development Faris started trading on a full time basis and in his macro-economics research came across Bitcoin (a few years after Gordon had told him about it) and could see the macro-economic disruption it would create. Faris’ daily research in global financial markets, macroeconomics and geopolitics enables him to keep up to date with how governments, private and inter-governmental agencies are now adopting blockchain technology and recognising Bitcoin as an idea whose time has come.