Terms & Conditions


CoinCompass will only issue refunds in the unlikely event a workshop or seminar is cancelled. We do not offer refunds for any of our other services as these are always accessible online.

With regards to the Help Desk we will determine within the first five minutes if we are able to assist although you should contact us first to determine the possibility of success. If in that time we discover that we’re unable to offer a solution you will not be charged and refunded if already charged.

CoinCompass Workshops must register a minimum number of participants so in the unlikely event a workshop is cancelled then refunds will be provided and all registered participants will receive a 20% discount on all CoinCompass services for the next 90 days. Participants will be advised immediately once the minimum number of registrations has been achieved and the workshop is confirmed.
If the minimum number of participants is not reached then all registrants will be provided with a full refund of the work (not including the purchase of your cold storage device where applicable).


If you have paid for a workshop yet unable to attend then you can attend another workshop over the next 12 months. If we do not hold a workshop near your location, or if would prefer it, then you will still be provided with access to the online tutorials (as well as all the other benefits) and two hours of Help Desk.


Participants are prohibited from filming, recording, rebroadcasting and distributing the workshop presentations and online tutorials without written permission from CoinCompass Pty Ltd. However, all participants will be provided with an official video recording within one week after the workshop.

CoinCompass does not issue cold storage devices; they are issued to CoinCompass clients directly from the manufacturer. CoinCompass is here to assist its customers in setting up a cold storage device yet CoinCompass is indemnified against all financial losses incurred due to software or hardware faults, hacks, or bugs on the device. CoinCompass will teach its clients how to set up a cold storage device yet is indemnified against any financial losses arising from human error or actions resulting from neglecting the recommendations provided by CoinCompass Pty Ltd.

CoinCompass workshop and video guide participants will be issued with a user ID and password to access the online tutorials for a period of:
30 days for workshop participants from date of registration;
30 days for online tutorial subscriptions.

If you’re unable to access the guides then please contact us using the same email which you purchased them with. Specific access details can be found in the original welcome email.


The CoinCorner Newsletter is issued by CoinCompass Pty Ltd monthly. The newsletter is a summary of opinions and events in the Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The information on CoinCorner has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but CoinCompass and its participants make no representation or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness.

CoinCorner newsletter will at times recommend certain products or services but these are recommendations based upon on our experience and not endorsements. CoinCompass and its participants disclaim all liability from any loss or damages that may arise from use of said services and products.

CoinCompass takes no responsibility for out-of-date information because this industry is new, unregulated and can change overnight. View our various services at coincompass.com, including emergency alerts (PSAs) and newsletters, to ensure you’re always up-to-date.

The CoinCompass HelpDesk will provide customer support to non-members with bitcoin related queries. There may unfortunately be some instances where CoinCompass is unable to assist. This will be determined within the first 5 minutes of the engagement and if we deem that we will be unable to assist you then no charge will be issued.
HelpDesk is available in individual 30 minute blocks, if your issue is resolved in under 30 minutes then excess minutes are not rolled over but expunged.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) is a service for customer that has completed a workshop or purchased the online tutorials.

Through the member portal customers are able to submit any queries relating to the workshop or online tutorial materials. This is an opportunity to ‘digital raise your hand’ and ask a question. The questions are compiled by the CoinCompass team and answered in a podcast/webinar made available only to eligible customers.

AMA is available free of charge for 30 days after completion of a workshop or purchase of an online tutorial. Thereafter customers may purchase a consultation with the CoinCompass HelpDesk at the member’s discounted rate.

  1. PSA
    CoinCompass Pty Ltd will issue Public Service Announcements on the member’s section of the website and through member’s accessible only social media forums. These alerts are comprised of news and developments that may affect:
    The price of bitcoin;
    Hacks, threats or vulnerabilities to exchanges, cold storage devices and wallets.

CoinCompass may issue action in response to some developments but will not be liable for any losses resulting from hacks or breaches any exchange, cold storage devices, or wallets and is indemnified against any financial losses arising from human error or actions resulting from neglecting the opinions provided by CoinCompass Pty Ltd.