Never ever provide anyone, including us, with:
> your private keys or passwords
> your backup seed phrases (12/24 words)
> your physical address
We take InfoSec (cyber security) & OpSec (privacy) extremely seriously.

Helpdesk (US $100 per hour)
Assisting and troubleshooting any of the following:
> buying/selling KYC (convenient) & non-KYC (private) bitcoin
> storing & managing your bitcoin in wallets including multisig setup
> securing your bitcoin with InfoSec (security) & OpSec (privacy)
and anything else you need support with involving Bitcoin

Bitcoin custody solutions (quote)
This for the investor undertaking a more sizable position. We design, implement and support customised risk mitigation solutions for any individual, business or wealth manager wanting to secure their Bitcoin holdings long-term. Each unique strategy integrates best practices for:
> private key management
> counterparty risk mitigation
> estate planning (individual)
> digital asset management (business)
> Infosec (cyber security)
> Opsec (privacy)

We will reply within 48hrs but existing customers should use alternate contact methods for emergencies.