How to buy Bitcoin privately w/ Steph (Peach Bitcoin) | Bitcoin Basics (188)

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“Steph (Peach Bitcoin): centralised vs decentralised vs peer-to-peer (p2p) exchanges; how to buy bitcoin privately & security with Peach Bitcoin; privacy; escrow; solving lack of liquidity; solving high premium prices; reputation score; & exciting upcoming features.”
Proof of Recording: 06-JUN-2023 | $25,770 | 793,099
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00:00 Start
00:35 Faris & Gordon intro
03:38 Steph’s Bitcoin origin story
06:58 Steph’s professional background
09:48 Centralised vs decentralised exchanges
13:58 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchanges
16:30 EU regulation & govt threats
17:45 Getting started w/ Peach Bitcoin
21:10 Peach Bitcoin app: escrow
22:37 Peach Bitcoin app: privacy
27:25 Why the name Bitcoin Bitcoin?
29:43 Solving the liquidity P2P problem
32:44 Solving the premium P2P problem
35:47 Why is there a premium to buy Bitcoin?
40:42 Peach Bitcoin over Lightning?
43:43 How do P2P marketplaces work?
47:28 Peach reputation score
50:02 Global availability of Peach Bitcoin
53:22 Steph’s final plug

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