"Invest in your own education before investing in Bitcoin"

Webinar Sun 20 Dec 2020

Don’t lose your bitcoins in this bull run!

20-DEC-2020 @ 17:00 (5pm) UTC
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  • Cost: FREE
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Learn about Bitcoin:
    > Cold storage – moving bitcoins from an exchange to a hardware wallet
    > Multisig – using multisignature Bitcoin wallets for risk mitigation
    > Custodianship – best practices for securing your bitcoins
  • Max of 20 participants


Requirements: our webinars use Zoom which you can download from here: https://zoom.us/download. This is free and available on most phones, tablets and desktops. Please contact us well before the webinar if you are having any technical difficulties. Text chat is available to ask questions but we would prefer you use a headset and webcam to make the webinar more personalised.

Note: Each webinar is recorded and made available to participants a few days afterwards. Recordings may be used for marketing purposes. We will never use your email address but your Zoom name and voice may appear in promotional videos.