"Your first investment should not be in buying bitcoins but in time spent understanding how to buy, store and own bitcoins securely" (S. Ammous, The Bitcoin Standard).

How to safely buy and securely store bitcoin webinar.

  • Cost: free
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Sun 31 May @ 17:00 (5pm) UTC Time Zone Converter 
    Sun 31 May @ 18:00 (6pm) London (BST)
    Sun 31 May @ 13:00 (1pm) New York (EDT)
    Sun 31 May @ 10:00 (10am) LA (PDT)
  • Sun 28 June @ 0200 UTC
    10am Singapore (SGT) / 12pm Sydney (AEDT) / 2pm Auckland (NZST)
  • Content and agenda
      • 1st hour: Buying bitcoin (BTC) on an exchange
        Creating an account
        Funding an account
        Buying bitcoin from the market
        Q & A
      • 2nd hour: Withdrawing bitcoin (BTC) to a Bitcoin wallet
        Setting up a mobile Bitcoin wallet
        Receiving BTC into a Bitcoin wallet
        Best practices and overall tips & tricks
        Q & A

“Create your personalised Bitcoin risk mitigation solution”

  • Cost: $950 (contact us to confirm details)
  • Duration: 4hrs total (2 x 1.5hr sessions and 1hr private consultation)
  • Sat 2 & Sun 3 May @ 1800 UTC Time Zone Converter 
    7pm London (BST) / 2pm New York (EDT) / 11am LA (PDT)
  • Sat 6 & Sun 7 June @ 0200 UTC
    10am Singapore (SGT) / 12pm Sydney (AEDT) / 2pm Auckland (NZST)
  • Content and agenda:
      • 1st session: Security hygiene before buying bitcoin
        Improving your InfoSec & OpSec
        Best practices for buying bitcoin on exchanges
        Depositing currency then buying bitcoin on an exchange
        Q & A
      • 2nd session: Custodianship
        Evaluating cold storage solutions and strategies
        Setting up and receiving bitcoin in a hardware wallet
        Best practices, considerations and use cases
      • Individual consultation:
        We answer any of your questions, requirements and concerns
        Suggest next steps and industry best products and services

Requirements: our webinars use Zoom which you can download from here: https://zoom.us/download. This is free and available on most phones, tablets and desktops. Please contact us well before the webinar if you are having any technical difficulties. Text chat is available to ask questions but we would prefer you use a headset and webcam to make the webinar more personalised.

Note: Each webinar is recorded and made available to participants, including a transcript, a few days afterwards. Recordings may be used for marketing purposes. We will never use your email address but your Zoom name and voice may appear in promotional videos.