Our 'Bitcoin Basics Video Guides' (13 videos and over 3hrs of content) and 'CoinCorner Newsletter' (current and all past editions) are totally free until 31 July 2019.

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"Not your keys, not your bitcoin" (A. Antonopoulos).
Buying bitcoin can be time-consuming and daunting even for experienced investors and fund managers. As a new technology in an unregulated market it’s easy to make mistakes and lose your newly acquired bitcoin. CoinCompass is not a brokerage service so cannot buy bitcoin on your behalf but we are educational consultants guiding you on how to safely invest in bitcoin using industry best practices. Safely moving your bitcoins away from third party exchanges and into cold storage is only one of many steps required to have full autonomy of your investment. Our individual services cater to first-time bitcoin buyers (learn how to buy, store and control your private keys) and bitcoin ‘hodlers’ needing to be kept up-to-date with best practices and crucial developments in this fast paced industry. Business clients can visit our BUSINESS section for details of our consultancy services.


Online / in-person
$300 / $650 USD
25% for early birds
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  • Interactive and highly practical workshops. Begin with little or no Bitcoin knowledge and walk away with full control of your private keys.
  • Video Guides access
    for 30 days
  • Newsletter subscription
    for 3 months
  • 20% off Help Desk
    for 3 months
  • Bitcoin Begins booklet
  • PSAs for 3 months
    (emergency alerts)
  • BYO hardware wallet


Monthly analysis
$330 $0 USD / year
until 31 July 2019
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  • Stay informed with the state of Bitcoin and blockchain developments, news and comprehensive summary of price movements from technical and fundamental analysts. Included is access to infrequent but important PSAs
  • 12 issues per year
  • Bitcoin Begins booklet
  • PSAs for 1 year
    (emergency alerts)

Help Desk

Online / in-person
$100 USD / 30 mins
Ask for discounts
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  • We offer in-person help desk consulting sessions and at pre-arranged times online. Contact us first for a quote and if we can't help you we won't charge you but as Bitcoin nerds we think we probably can.
  • 30 mins credit
    (1 month expiry)

FREE CONTENT (until 31 July 2019)


Online or in-person workshops are for anyone who wants to learn how to independently invest in bitcoin. All that's required is basic computer and smartphone skills because by the end of the workshop you'll know all the fundamentals about Bitcoin and how to independently control your private keys.

  • IN-PERSON: fully catered all-day workshop
  • ONLINE: approx four hours over two sessions (see EVENTS for dates and times)
  • Classroom setting (max 12 people)
  • Hands on help and support throughout the workshop
  • BYO laptop and smartphone
  • BYO hardware wallet (not included in price)

As a workshop participant you'll also receive full access to our comprehensive Video Guides among other services listed in the table above. During the workshop you'll learn:

  • What is Bitcoin and the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Improving your operational security: secure computer and connection, dedicated email address, password manager and 2FA
  • Setting up and funding accounts on Bitcoin exchanges: registering and/or anonymous usage
  • Buying bitcoin on an exchange
  • Moving bitcoin from an exchange and into your hardware wallet
  • Cold storage best practices and next steps
  • Extended Q&A

View the online and in-person workshop schedules.

Check our EVENTS calendar for upcoming workshop locations.

CONTACT us to organise a workshop in your city and you attend for free.



As former academic educators we've developed online tutorials guiding you from beginning to end on competently and safely buying bitcoin. Our comprehensive yet easy to follow instructions take you through:

  • Upgrading your security hygiene (operational security and privacy): installing a secure computer; configuring an encrypted connection; creating a dedicated email address; using a password manager; and setting up accounts using 2FA
  • Registering and funding accounts on Bitcoin exchanges: either verified or anonymously
  • Buying bitcoin on an exchange with different order types
  • Initialising a hardware wallet (not included in price)
  • Moving bitcoin from an exchange and into your hardware wallet device
  • Cold storage best practices, disaster recovery and next steps

An overview of the Bitcoin Basics series.

Watch our Bitcoin Basics Video Guides series (13 in total):
02 A Secure Connection (sample)
09 Cold Storage Best Practices (sample)



The CoinCorner newsletter is beneficial to not only recent bitcoin investors but also businesses, traders, speculators and active investors. Keep up-to-date with news and developments of blockchain fundamental analysis, government and legislative regulations and a summary of bitcoin technical price analysis from respected and renowned traders.

PSAs are emergency alerts where you will get notified of threats or impending actions that could affect your bitcoin such as:

  • Hacked exchanges and security concerns
  • Bugs in wallets and necessary upgrades (desktop, mobile and hardware)
  • Hard forks, soft forks and claiming your new free coins
  • Absolutely anything relevant to keeping your bitcoins safe

Included with every yearly newsletter subscription:

  • 12 issues released on the 1st of the month
  • PSAs (emergency alerts) for Nov 2018 - included in newsletters as well as instant alerts
  • Booklet: Bitcoin Begins (sample: 40+ pages in full version)

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CONTACT US with your query first and we'll respond within 24 hours advising you if we're able to assist. Some issues may not be resolvable so it's important to let us know as much detail as possible before purchasing help desk hours. Even if you think your issue is helpless there's no harm in asking because sometimes a solution is not obvious.

We always provide in-person consulting the day after workshops so check the EVENTS calendar for locations.