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Why you need a hardware wallet?

Both the workshops and video guides highly recommend using a hardware wallet, also known as a cold storage device, and in fact you can’t fully complete either a workshop or the video guides without one.

It’s estimated 5 million bitcoins have been lost or stolen so the best way to own and control your bitcoins is by moving them from exchanges and into a hardware wallet (cold storage device). Our Bitcoin Basics Video Guides explain ‘cold storage best practices’ in great detail but in short a hardware wallet provides the best security with the most convenience.

Our current recommendation is any Ledger device for the best security with ease-of-use. However, this is not an endorsement of Ledger and we do not receive any commissions so you are free to purchase another model or manufacturer’s device such as the also popular Trezor devices.

As shipping can take up to 4 weeks you should purchase your cold storage device immediately and directly from Ledger or through their official resellers. Note: there are many scams and fake devices so buy directly from the manufacturer and never ever buy a used or second-hand device.