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“It is estimated that approximately 5 million bitcoins have already been lost, we teach you how to keep yours safe.”

Welcome to CoinCompass – your bitcoin guides.

Buying bitcoin can be timeconsuming and daunting, even for experienced investors and fund managers. As a new technology in an unregulated market it’s very easy to make mistakes and lose your newly acquired bitcoin.

CoinCompass is not a brokerage service so cannot buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies on your behalf. However, through our live customer support and in-house video guides, CoinCompass provides you with the knowledge and tools to securely buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from reputable exchanges and competently transfer them into your cold storage devices.

Through industry best practices, our guides and services cater to:

  • individuals buying their first bitcoin
  • traditional investors accumulating bitcoin
  • businesses setting cryptocurrency point of sale (both online and physical stores)
  • corporate clients interested in blockchain education
  • non-profits organisation and receiving bitcoin donations

Whether buying your first bitcoin or wanting to make sure you’re storing your coins safely, we have developed a strategy for you. No job is too big or too small so contact us directly if there’s another service you require.