Why don’t I just buy bitcoin from bitcoin.com

Bitcoin is an open source ecosystem that has attracted the world’s most respected computer engineers, coders and cryptography architects. However Bitcoin.com is a privately owned website that promotes its own cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash (Bcash) that was created in 2017 and is not the original Bitcoin.

Can you buy bitcoins for me?

No. We are not a brokerage firm. Brokerage firms will buy bitcoin for you but will charge you a large premium (up to 20%) for doing so, every time. We show you how and where to buy bitcoin yourself using the most secure wallets and competitive exchanges.

Can you store my bitcoins for me?

No. We want you to know how to keep your own bitcoin safe. We are always researching new technology and developments in bitcoin and recommend to our clients what hardware and software to use. You don’t want anyone else holding your bitcoin private keys for you, you need to know how to do it yourself.

Do I have to buy a ‘whole bitcoin’?

No. Bitcoin is divisible up to eight decimal points. We show you how to buy as little as US$50 worth of bitcoin.

Can I lose my bitcoin?

Yes. There are too many stories of people throwing away computers or resetting their smartphones and not backing up their bitcoin wallet or private keys, those valuable bitcoins are now lost forever. We show how to avoid this.

Can I buy other cryptocurrencies?

Yes. If you wanted to speculate in other cryptocurrencies we show you where to buy them and keep them safe.

Do you recommend price or timing to buy?

No. Even though we are both traders in bitcoin and alt-coins we do not provide timing or price advice.

Do you issue refunds?

No. We’ve gone to great effort to ensure that our services are transparent and should meet your expectations. We want to receive as much criticism as possible and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you are satisfied with our service.