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"The internet will have a single currency ... it will be Bitcoin" (J.Dorsey, Twitter CEO).



Do It Yourself
  • As a tech-savvy person & independent learner you can follow our comprehensive video tutorials, guides, blog posts & podcast episodes to safely buy & securely store your bitcoins.


1st time buyers
  • USD$1,000 worth of bitcoin
  • 1 x hardware wallet
    preloaded with your bitcoin
    & sent to you
  • 1hr support call
    with onboarding specialist


  • Any USD amount of bitcoin
    (minimum of USD$5,000)
  • personalised onboarding
  • customised risk mitigation
  • help desk support


We come to you, anywhere in the world, to deliver a tailor-made seminar to meet your specific business requirements. Whether it's for a general audience, executive on-boarding, technical or non-technical, department specific or anything in between we can adjust our content accordingly. Every business is different so the following topics are only common suggestions and we encourage your own requests:

  • Bitcoin and blockchain fundamentals: understand what is bitcoin the cryptocurrency and the ‘Bitcoin blockchain’ among other key concepts for bitcoin business use
  • Payment processing solutions: compare costs and implementations of traditional payments with bitcoin POS, bitcoin payment gateways and Bitcoin Lightning Network implementations
  • Custodianship and security: practical implementation of online and off-site security, access policies and storage of private keys including operational security best practices and cold storage requirements
  • Tax and legal implications: we are not tax nor legal experts but will outlay the major considerations when businesses transact in bitcoin
  • Resourcing requirements: An assessment of your existing hardware, software and staffing capabilities to determine necessary upgrades and costs. Where necessary provide staff training, accounting software integration and system planning
  • Your requested topic(s): potentially any topic, concept or activity you'd like us to focus on delivering

Interested in a seminar for your business? Please contact us for a quote:



Every business is unique so we create unique Bitcoin risk mitigation strategies and solutions based upon your business needs. We come to you to design, implement and support solutions ensuring you have full access to your private keys (bitcoins). All our solutions integrate InfoSec (Information Security), OpSec (Operational Security) and industry best practices as fundamental elements in each strategy.

We can also support your business with the following (but not limited to):

  • Planning custodianship best practices
  • Configuring Merchant Services
  • Training staff & key holders
  • Integrating online/offline POS
  • Determining Lightning vs Bitcoin
  • Incorporating security standards
  • Implementing counterparty risk mitigation
  • Considering accounting & taxation



NOTE: CoinCompass only provides Bitcoin-related non-programming consulting for businesses. Unfortunately, we can't help you with your altcoin, smart contract, token, ICO, STO, etc. Sorry!

CONTACT us with your query first and we'll respond within 24 hours advising you if we're able to assist. Some issues may not be resolvable so it's important to let us know as much detail as possible before purchasing helpdesk hours. Even if you think your issue is helpless there's no harm in asking because sometimes a solution is not obvious.