Bitcoin Basics

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Invest in your own education before investing in bitcoins. Hosts Faris and Gordon explain key concepts, discuss current trends and translate the technical into the non-technical all within the Bitcoin ecosystem.
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It’s estimated 5-7 million bitcoins have been lost or stolen. Learn how to keep yours safe by integrating security hygiene (InfoSec), privacy (OpSec) and industry best practices enabling you to: safely buy, store & control your own private keys (bitcoins).
Bitcoin Basics for Businesses: Presentations & SeminarsBitcoin Basics for Businesses: PRESENTATIONS & SEMINARS
Full day seminar with content designed to be general or business specific, technical or non-technical and suitable for an executive, managerial or general staff audience. Suggested topics include: Bitcoin & blockchain fundamentals; custodianship & security; resourcing requirements; risk mitigation; any of your requested topic(s).
Bitcoin Basics for Individuals: WorkshopsBitcoin Basics for Individuals: ONLINE & IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS
Interactive and highly practical in-person workshops. Begin with little or no Bitcoin knowledge and walk away with full control of your private keys. Suitable for: high-net-worth individuals; active investors; anyone interested in self-custody.